About Poodle dogs, how to care for

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The Poodle dog  is one of the small dog breeds that is very popular with young people today. This is a dog with a cute and lovely appearance. Not only that, this breed is very easy to raise and care for. But to be able to breed and take care of them well, you must also have a little knowledge and understanding of this breed.

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Origin of Poodle dog

The ancestor of the Poodle may have been the curly fur in Central Asia. However, it is not certain that when there were many such curly dogs in Hungary, France and Russia at that time. Therefore, the ancestor of the poodle is still a question that has no specific answer.

Poodle dog has been around for a long time. 400 years ago, they were the most popular dog breed in Western Europe at the time. Today, Poodle dogs have become a popular dog breed worldwide. Vietnam is no exception. ” Puddle ” ranked 9th in the list of most favorite dog breeds by the American Dog Association – AKC reviews.

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