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    It’s Cameron who’s made the hearts-and-flowers film, showing us a beautiful and mystical world of living treehouses, My Little Pony dragons you can tame and ride, and magical hairstyles that are a conduit to all living things (including your lover’s pleasure center). Yes, there’s a typical mindless slam-bang action sequence at the end of “Avatar,” but it feels utterly de rigueur, as if they couldn’t figure out how else to wrap the whole thing up. (“Well, we can always have the two guys duke it out!” “Cool, let’s do that!”) Up to that point, the movie is a Sierra Club commercial combined with a Saturday morning cartoon for pre-adolescent girls.

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    ?I argue that if she had not hit the rail she would not have been knocked out. I argue that he is of such an enormous size compared to her that if he was acting out of aggression (seeing red) as opposed to self defense severly [sic] injuring her or killing her may have been the result. THATHE [sic] STOPS ALL AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR WHEN SHE HITS THE FLOOR IS TELLING. I argue that there is something intrinsically fucked up that she thinks she can start behavior like this with an individual that is so categorically out of her league. No right minded individual can look at those two body types and come to any other conclusion then ‘if he defends himself he will fuck her up.’. There is no scenario where he defends himself and she comes out the victor What conclusion can be drawn from her behavior other then she believed he would not defend himself?

    When Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church announced a visit to Yale’s campus during my freshman year, there was some debate among liberal students over whether and how to respond. Just ignore them, given their lack of power, odious message and self-discrediting style? Or stage some kind of counter-protest in hopes of capitalizing on the spectacle to build support for a then-contentious local domestic partnership bill?

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    and Keri Russell. After two seasons on the show, Aguilera decides to go her own way. She and her mother move to Japan, where she records the hit duet “All I Wanna Do” with Japanese pop star Keizo Nakanishi.

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    Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases in the True Crime Newsletter.

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    Halber interviewed most of her sources in diners, boarding houses, tidy working-class suburbs and homes along sleepy country roads with rusted appliances and broken furniture piled out front. What she found were people whose talents might otherwise have gone untapped. Ellen Leach, “one of the most effective sleuths out there, with at least five ‘solves’ under her belt,” came from a family that could not pay for higher education. She worked at a supermarket steam table serving prepared foods for more than 20 years and, like most of her fellow amateurs, had to make do with outdated and unreliable computers. “She may have been robbed of a college education,” Halber writes, “but her considerable brainpower — like that of many of the web sleuths I’d encountered — was completely wasted on her day job.”
    Matthews solved that one all the way back in 1998, when the Web was young. As Halber reveals, listings of missing persons and unidentified bodies were among the first things average citizens wanted to put on the Internet. It turns out there are a lot of unidentified bodies out there. No one can say for sure how many because real-life law enforcement organizations are much less proficient at collecting and sharing information than the ones on TV.

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    Fiorina’s description of the scene, and her supporting super-PAC’s subsequent use of it in an campaign ad, have been under fire, as media fact checkers and Planned Parenthood have said it was cobbled together using misleading and unrelated footage.

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